Live Twitter Commentary on World Bank’s Dr. Kim Ending World Poverty

3 Apr


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This is not a satire

28 Mar

Meeting of the High-Level Panel of Eminent Persons on the Post-2015 Development Agenda in Bali, Indonesia, 27 March 2013

We discussed how to build a global partnership … for our development agenda….global ownership of a shared development agenda…. consulted with a range of stakeholders……. a renewed Global Partnership that enables a transformative, people-centered and planet-sensitive development agenda …. partnership of all stakeholders. …in the context of sustainable development ….a single and coherent post-2015 development agenda …. social inclusion and environmental sustainability…

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Is there rigorous evidence that anyone will use rigorous evidence?

26 Mar

A new study using 1,419 micro-finance NGOs as subjects created two treatment groups.

In the positive treatment subjects were randomly assigned to receive a summary of a study by prominent authors finding that microcredit is effective. The negative treatment provided information on research – by the same authors using a very similar design – reporting the ineffectiveness of microcredit. We compare both conditions to a control in which no studies were cited.

The results:

The positive treatment elicited twice as many responses as the negative treatment – and significantly more acceptances of our invitation to consider partnering on an evaluation of their program.

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Corrected development history of the United States

21 Mar

What if US development happened in line with approaches today? Here would be some landmarks along the way to success:

July 4, 1776

“We hold these time-bound Development Goals to be self-evident”


Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper ratified by the 13 states


Development takes off based on micro-credit to women to produce handicrafts

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The woman who would not shut up

18 Mar

I have been reading Sheryl Sandberg’s new book Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead.  Despite being a self-appointed feminist, I feel unqualified to comment on many of the debates around the book. But what inspired me and reminded me of development discussions is Sandberg’s willingness to speak out where there have been so many evasions and euphemisms:

In addition to the external barriers erected by society, women are hindered by barriers that exist within ourselves.

If current trends continue, fifteen years from today, about one-third of the women in this audience will be working full-time and almost all of you will be working for the guy you are sitting next to…If you want the outcome to be any different, you will have to do something about it.

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