Sources: The Universe of Development

From smallest to largest, sources used to compile The Universe of Development:

$1,100/year for AIDS treatment: Center for International Development, Harvard University

$2,900 for a Tato Nano: Auto World News

$12,000 per Millennium Village household: estimated by Michael Clemens, Center for Global Development

$2 million expected 2012 sales for Good African coffee: New York Times

$13.8 million to Kony 2012 campaign: CBS News

$24.5 million budget for UNDP-Ethiopia: UNDP-Ethiopia

$25 million contract for anti-malaria project in DRC: USAID (

$613 million in ODA from UNDP: OECD DAC database

$997 million administrative budget for the IMF: IMF

$1 billion total ODA from UNICEF: OECD DAC database

$2.8 billion box office haul for Avatar:

$4.6 billion in NORAD development aid: Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation

$5.15 billion UN two-year budget: United Nations News Center

$13.5 billion in British ODA: DFID Annual Report and Accounts 2010-2011

$15 billion in Gates Foundation grants for public health: Gates Foundation Fact Sheet

$15.8 billion in ODA from USAID:

$19 billion net income of J.P Morgan Chase: J.P Morgan Chase (4 quarters of income tallied for the year net)

$33.5 billion Gates Foundation endowment: Gates Foundation Fact Sheet

$46 billion first quarter revenue for Apple: Apple, Inc.

$42 billion World Bank financial assistance: The World Bank Annual Report 2011

$61 billion for Bill Gates’ wealth: Forbes

$427 billion in Greek debt: Eurostat

$478 billion GDP of Ohio: Greyhill Advisors

$528 billion land value for Central Park: New York Magazine

$1.6 billion collective GDP of Sub-Saharan Africa: McKinsey Global’s Lions on the Move report

GDP of cities: Pricewaterhouse Coopers, estimated in 2008 in purchasing power parity (PPP)

All national GDP and national per capita GDP figures (nominal, in current prices): IMF